Turning natural elements into clean energy…

…was the logical continuation of my former activity in recycling, which I pursued for 20 years with passion: what could be more noble than giving new life to a material by producing the energy of tomorrow, as we at Belenergia have been committed to do through our complementary businesses of solar, wind and bioenergy?

Vincent Bartin

Chairman of Belenergia

“Creating Belenergia in 2011, starting with Italy, was a bold choice. After building our first solar parks, we quickly integrated an existing engineering office to gain knowledge and accelerate our development.

Many opportunities were then offered to us, particularly in the sectors of biomass, biogas, methanisation, distillation, and everything concerning the valorisation of agricultural materials, a field in which we have become recognized industrial experts.

We took advantage of the enthusiasm and dynamism of a sector that needed to be totally reinvented and developed in a country with strong agricultural connotations, before developing many other projects in our three businesses in the countries around the Mediterranean, namely Spain and Greece.”

“The energy sector is undergoing unprecedented changes, and the potential is immense because we are only at the beginning of storage, production adapted to local consumption, and the recovery of by-products that were once considered waste and are now considered resources. There is no doubt that the opportunities are numerous and that we will be able to seize them.

We will continue our commitment to improving the environment while generating value for all, by developing, building and managing decarbonized energy production units, thanks to our ability to find both industrial and financial solutions.

Belenergia and its teams are part of this universe where we will achieve great things for the Society and for the future of the Planet.”