A mix of experts in the fields of engineering, finance and legal matters

Vincent Bartin

Chairman of Belenergia

Turning natural elements into clean energy…
…was the logical continuation of my former activity in recycling, which I pursued for 20 years with passion: what could be more noble than giving new life to a material by producing the energy of tomorrow, as we at Belenergia have been committed to do through our complementary businesses of solar, wind and bioenergy?

“Creating Belenergia in 2011, starting with Italy, was a bold choice. After building our first solar parks, we quickly integrated an existing engineering office to gain knowledge and accelerate our development.

Many opportunities were then offered to us, particularly in the sectors of biomass, biogas, methanisation, distillation, and everything concerning the valorisation of agricultural materials, a field in which we have become recognized industrial experts.

We took advantage of the enthusiasm and dynamism of a sector that needed to be totally reinvented and developed in a country with strong agricultural connotations, before developing many other projects in our three businesses in the countries around the Mediterranean, namely Spain and Greece.”

“The energy sector is undergoing unprecedented changes, and the potential is immense because we are only at the beginning of storage, production adapted to local consumption, and the recovery of by-products that were once considered waste and are now considered resources. There is no doubt that the opportunities are numerous and that we will be able to seize them.

We will continue our commitment to improving the environment while generating value for all, by developing, building and managing decarbonized energy production units, thanks to our ability to find both industrial and financial solutions.

Belenergia and its teams are part of this universe where we will achieve great things for the Society and for the future of the Planet.”

Jacques-Edouard Lévy

Chief Executive Officer

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Jacques-Edouard Lévy, co-founder of Belenergia, started as a corporate finance expert in the 1990s. Before becoming an entrepreneur from 2003 onwards, he assumed directorship in various banks. In the 2000s, Jacques-Edouard engineered numerous Leverage Buy-In on French mid-sized service companies, occasionally become interim CEO. Thanks to the trust of Vincent BARTIN, whom he had advised on various M&A transactions, Jacques-Edouard became a real industrialist as from 2011 with the set up and accelerated development of Belenergia.
Graduated from HEC School of Economics and Law, Jacques-Edouard speaks French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Jacques-Edouard on Belenergia 

“Creating Belenergia with Vincent Bartin has been quite an adventure, at all levels. Our entry into the market (2011) corresponded to a new phase: the end of the speculators and the coming of age of the renewable industry. From the start, we were able to rely on an excellent team of dedicated Italian engineers with a strong entrepreneurship spirit. Solving complex situations as a team, we managed to turn permits into successful industrial units, and gradually gained the trust of all stakeholders, including Italian banks.

The renewable energies the sector can work without incentives, if and when it plays at arm’s length with traditional energy, and if the traditional energy producers pay for their negative externalities. Belenergia only develops and invests where we believe there is a clear added-value for the communities, and where the levelized cost of energy is competitive, irrespective of tariffs. For our future, we trust in the market, provided the institutions (governmental bodies, marketplace…) provide stable and fair game rules.

From this vision and the industrial experience of more than 30 plants, we are committing so much human energy and finance in large utility-scale projects (solar) and bio-energies plants. And from the experience gathered in Italy, we shall now deploy our expertise in France, Spain and Greece, always with an open strategy and local partners.”


Fabio Caggiula

Chief Financial Officer

With 9 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, he joined Belenergia in 2014 as a controller before being nominated in 2016 Chief Financial Officer.
Prior to this role he worked as Senior Financial Advisor at Ernst & Young from 2004 to 2011.
Fabio graduated from Luiss University in Rome and has an MBA from Luiss University and the Hong Kong Baptist University.
He also serves on the Board of Directors of several companies of Belenergia Group.

Nicolas Baron CIO Belenergia

Nicolas Baron

Chief Industrial Officer

Nicolas Baron with 10 years of experience in a Leader Gas Industrial Company, he joined BELENERGIA in 2021 as Chief Industrial Officer.
Prior to this role, he was Operational Director for Air Liquide (#200 people, 5 factories including 3 under SEVESO III directive , 92 trucks, #400 orders by days) and led in parallel important projects related to the industrial revolution 4.0 (Robotic, Digital SIM, Connected Maintenance).
He also has an experience as EPC department manager for Air Liquide and in managing Industrial Project and contracts. He has overseen the system of management for Air Liquide France Industry (2500 people; 1200 m€). Graduate engineer from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and MBA from “IAE Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University”

Francesco Leone

Head of Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Francesco Leone graduated in Civil Engineering Hydraulics specialization at the University of Bologna in 1998.
Over the years, he trained in construction safety management and specifically to Evaluation of Environmental Impact (Environmental Impact Assessment). He also completed a Master of Expertise in Energy Management.
In 2002 he founded with his partner Gianluca Perrone (engineer) an engineering, IA Ing. which operates throughout the country (Italy). He entered the world of renewable energy in 2008, first by treating a number of photovoltaic projects and construction management of a large biomass plant and then creating the SWM; an company specialized in maintenance of photovoltaic sites.

Michele Lagioia

General manager Bioenergy South Italy

Thirty years ago, Michele combined an academic degree in Economics with the work of an industrial designer. In the early years of his career, Michele was mostly interested designing of modern distillery (with biogas) plant in Puglia. After construction, Michele was appointed as Plant Manager. He matured a unique industrial experience in many sectors (ethanol, biogas, waste treatment). Michele was at the origin of the link-up of Distilleria Bartin, Perbel with Enterra. As General manager Bioenergy of South Italy, he has proven the logics of integration. His next challenge is to constitute and entertain a team dedicated to industrial optimization, innovation and growth. The new constructions shall vindicate his vision and dedication.

Pierpaolo Indino

Group Financial Controller

Pierpaolo joined Belenergia in 2017 as a Group Financial Controller, after 5 years within Ernst&Young as an audit manager.
He holds a Business, Economics and Management degree obtained in 2007 at maximum score and honors.
He also attends to the Board of Directors of some of Belenergia group’s companies.
Vincenzo Candido Renna

Vincenzo Candido Renna

Compliance Officer

Vincenzo has followed Belenergia since birth. Expert in Corporate Ethics and Anti-corruption, co-founder of Renna Studio Legale, he held the role of top associate and of counsel of Tonucci & Partners from 2004 to 2009.

His favorite quote is: “Written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. one represents danger and the other represents opportunity “(JF Kennedy).


Alexander Ladurner

General Manager Bioenergy Northern Italy

With many years of experience in the Bioenergy sector, joined the Belenergia Group in 2019.
His experience in the field of Renewable Energies and Agro-energy began in 2005 contributing to the development of a 24 MW vegetable oil plant project in Tuscany.
In 2010 he promotes and manages a 32 MW photovoltaic project in collaboration with several local authorities in Northern Italy.
Since 2013 he has been running new initiatives in the Biogas sector authorizing and coordinating the activity of 8 MW of Biogas of agricultural nature.
His previous skills qualify him in the Bio-methane sector and he is an expert in the circular economy in the agro-industrial field.
He is also the Legal Representative of Belenergia’s Permanent Establishment in Italy.

Antonio Di Guglielmo

Program Director

Antonio has an extensive experience in all phases of project development and management. He joined the Belenergia world in 2014, and developed and monitored the 40 MW Lavello plant since then. Antonio serves as a board member of all Basilicata subsidiaries. He is responsible for the construction of a second wind farm as well as a large biomethane plant. He is also in charge of managing several partnerships with local actors, including the Sigma group.
Antonio is graduated in Business Management.

Damien Chesne

General Manager France

Damien holds an Engineer’s degree in Sales and project management in Agriculture and Agri-food industry from UNILASALLE.
For 10 years, Damien has been a business developer and consultant in renewable energy sector and more specifically in complex, territorial and multi-partners projects as territorial bio-methane plant, special bio-waste recovery units and more generally in business opportunities around bioenergy.

Emilio Ezquerro

General Manager Spain

Emilio Ezquerro, with more than 20 years of experience in the renewable sector, joins the Belenergia group as Managing Director Spain in 2019 for the development of photovoltaic, wind and Bioenergy projects.
His experience in the energy and renewable sector begins in 1997, having carried out wind, photovoltaic, thermo-solar and cogeneration projects.
Among the most outstanding projects are 150 MW of thermo-solar with thermal energy storage developed, financed and built in Andalusia, as well as participation in the development and engineering of more than 1GW of wind and photovoltaic projects.