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Belenergia S.p.A. has managed in a short time to become a major player in the renewable energy sector on the European market.

Today we are an integrated Group, working at all levels to valorize alternative resources. The development of our industrial initiatives and the experience we have gained in recent years has reinforced our conviction that there is only one way to guarantee the success of our projects: to make them an opportunity for growth also for the entire community and the territory that hosts them.

All our investments are evaluated not only in terms of the economic return they generate for the Company but also in terms of the benefits they are able to create for all our stakeholders. We believe that the true indicator of success for a company such as ours is to constantly submit to the binomial “responsibility and ethics” keeping in mind the social value of our actions.

Submitting to these criteria requires all the talent and daily commitment of each person in our Group. We have a coherent and ambitious strategy, based on three lines of action: innovation and excellence as the basis for sustainable growth and transparent reporting of all our activities.

On the basis of these assumptions, we have established a system of compliance rules in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 (and subsequent amendments incorporated therein) and with the best international practices, and we hereby draw your attention to the organizational model we have adopted, which can be consulted on the site at www.belenergia.com compliance. We consider that the rules of conduct and ethical principles are the foundations of our actions on the markets and the inescapable framework of any economic and social relationship in which we take part.

Belenergia has at the heart of its own growth objectives, on the one hand, a sustainability strategy that combines the responsibility to guarantee energy from renewable sources with the best available technology, and on the other hand, the need to respond to the challenge of climate change, making a fundamental contribution to the drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Polluting emissions in compliance with the environmental protocols put in place since the Kyoto Protocol.

If we want to be carriers of change in the world around us, we must first and foremost be carriers of change ourselves. To do this, we must first and foremost rely on a strong and shared Group identity, capable of generating value through diversity and which sees integration as a powerful driving force for the circulation of best practices. The foundations of this shared culture are the same as those that have always characterized Belenergia’s stakeholders. The search for operational excellence, service quality and the valorization of results, coupled with absolute attention to the protection of the safety of the people who work for and with Belenergia.

The safety and quality of the operating conditions of each of our operators represents the central pivot of our company policy. On this last aspect, we have set ourselves the most ambitious objective, which requires the maximum commitment from everyone, at all levels of the organization: that of becoming a zero-accident company.

Moreover, Belenergia intends to exploit the potential provided by technology by associating it with a continuous training and upgrading programme for its operators, in order to achieve the objective of transparency of its actions in the best possible way. This goal is ensured by a rigorous system of Corporate Governance and by a solid reporting system based on rigorous criteria of objectivity.

It is precisely the ambition to position ourselves as an example in a reference market and the courage to assume our own share of responsibility in facing the challenge of global development that must guide our daily work to offer safe, efficient and sustainable energy. Indeed, it is the duty of a company like ours to open new paths and set new objectives for tomorrow’s prosperity and the well-being of the community and the territory.

We produce energy from renewable sources in the perspective that it can always be the energy of change for a sustainable future.

Jacques Edouard Lévy
Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Bartin

Fabio Caggiula
Chief Finantial Officer

Nicolas Baron
Chief Industrial Officer