As a player committed to energy transition, Belenergia S.p.A. develops, builds, and operates distributed
renewable energy production sites in the fields of solar, wind, and bio-energies.
Today, Belenergia manages a diversified portfolio of over 33 MW in Solar, 61 MW in wind,
18 MW in biomass and 1700 Sm3/h in biomethane.
We produce in 2021, 240 GWh.


Belenergia ensures the development, EPC and operations of large-scale solar plants in Italy, France, Spain and Greece.


Collaboration with “state of the art” experts in wind development, over 61 MW in operation, close to 1 GW under development in Southern Europe. 


Currently transforming a total of 250K tons of waste collected, and over 400 tons per year in 2022 thanks to an ambitious roadmap of developments in Italy and France.
15 MW biomass powerplant in operation.
Integration of our industrial know-how in biogas, biomethane, and biomass with high positive impact in local communities.
In parallel, we are building 3 waste-to-energy sites


Annual revenues: 48 M€ in 2021




Over 30 sites in operation, and many more in development
150 MW of capacity installed, 1700 MW in development in Italy, France, Greece, and Spain


Belenergia and Provedal, two players in the biogas industry, collaborate closely

BELENERGIA and PRODEVAL, key players in the international development of the Biogas sector, combine their expertise. They signed a framework agreement on June 9th to develop […]

Il fondo Mid Infra SLP di Schroders Capital entra in BelEnergia

Il fondo Mid Infra SLP, parte del brand Schroders Capital1, è diventato azionista al 28% di BelEnergia SA tramite un aumento di capitale, andando ad affiancare […]

Advanced biomethane in Candela (Apulia)

Belenergia S.A. is building a new plant for the production of advanced biomethane with a capacity of 499 Sm3/h in the Municipality of Candela (FG). The […]

SWM acquisition

Belenergia SA has acquired a 70% majority stake in the company SWM SRL, which has long been active in the construction and maintenance of industrial photovoltaic […]