Belenergia is a greenfield project developer as well as a “M&A” player in renewable energies

By developing trustworthiness towards financial partners,
we have access to capitals to ensure the project finance.

If you are..

An investor interested in profitable returns from industrials assets
A land owner looking to diversify their estate patromony and have a positive agronomic impact
An industrial partner or an engineering & technical consultant with projects to build
A local public administration concerned about waste management and valorization

Our vision in Investments

Belenergia favours a collaborative approach with local partners, whether they financial, industrial, agricultural, or institutional structures, with the use of joint ventures.
Belenergia also holds a preference for a partnership & JV approach to projects, as opposed to a hegemonic approach.
By practising a reasonable leverage, we ensure a good risk-return balance, and have a conservative management of cash flows and debt service coverage.
Belenergia has a strong legal culture to optimize the sales process, as well as an attachement to healthy governance with a committee against conflict of interests, and the certification of the legality of our subsidiaries.

Power Purchase Agreements

Belenergia offers Power Purchase Agreement to large energy consumers.
What is a PPA ?
A power purchase agreement (PPA), is a long-term contract for the supply of energy between a consumer and a producer.
PPA’s are typically a win-win mechanism where the consumer locks a price of order for a long period of time, preventing from volatility, and the producer gets guarantied revenues to develop an installation of renewable energy generation.
Accelerating the transition for a greener, more sustainable, and locally produced energy, PPAs also reflect a company’s goals and commitments in terms of CSR objectives (Corporate and Social Responsibility).
Belenergia has access to European energy trading structures in order to offer tailor-made energy contracts to large industrial consumers, with a variety of energy sources as well as contractual terms (physical PPA, virtual PPA, etc.)

Existing collaborations